Do you have your own design or company logo that you would like to see on one of our products or do you have something different in mind?

As you can see from our gallery below, we have completed multiple items for corporate business as well as individual items to specific design requirements.

If you think we can help, then please drop us an email 

We had a request to make some replacement anti bug grills as the originals had rotted away as you can see from the picture above. We can produce these in other colours from 3mm acrylic to your exacting specifications

The customer was extremely pleased with finished new house sign. Made from African Sapele Mahogany wood, this sign will last for many years to come. Any size of sign can be made to suit your home.

Need something personal to advertise your business or something different to promote an event?     Just drop us an Email and let us talk to you about what we can do